Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Walking the Canal . . .

Saturday Jackson, Mia and I decided to go on a "venture" to the canals. We had a blast! We parked at the White Water parking area, climbed the hill, and this is what we found first:

There were lots of huge wooden animals to climb on and slide down! The kids had a ball climbing up on the cat, sheep, horse, doggie and chicken!
Jackson liked the red dog because he could turn around and slide down his tail!

Mia was IN LOVE with the chicken!!

After that, we walked along the canal. We saw lots of water, waterfalls and flowers. Jackson made friends with Freddie, the NCAA Museum frog!

Next, we went to the Indiana State Museum to get a snack. Unfortunately they were closed for a special event, but the kids got a big kick out of listening to the huge steam clock play "Back Home Again in Indiana" on the hour! Jackson calls it "the hooting clock"!!

Wanna see what we saw next?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

These big boys kept us entertained for about an hour!! The kids loved climbing on the mastedon's trunk and twirling around it's legs.

We ended the day at Arby's eating curley fries and chicken chunks. Since it was Jackson's birthday, the kids got to ring the bell when we left and then it was home to Nana's. We had a great day!

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Steuer Family said...

Looks like fun Mom!! Thanks for helping them have some wonderful memories. We and they appreciate it!