Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Diet and Exercise . . .

Yuck!! I hate them both. If we can put a man on the moon, we can surely come up with a way to make decent junk food that tastes great and doesn't add to my always expanding hip region, don'cha think ?!?!?

With summer coming up, I've really been trying to watch what I've been eating -- damn you Easter Peeps -- and trying to increase my workout. It's always easier for me to diet once fresh fruits and veggies start appearing in the stores' produce departments. I adore fresh strawberries and bananas for breakfast, salad loaded with lots of fresh carrots, cukes, tomatoes and radishes for lunch, and then my favorite frozen diet meals for dinner.

In addition to providing a wonderful workout facility on-site for all employees to use without charge, my wonderful boss (who doesn't blog by the way or know that I have a blog or probably even know what a blog is -- so I'm not kissing butt here!!) has gifted a personal trainer to anyone at IMG who wants to work out 2 days a week after work FOR FREE!! Did I mention it was FREE?!?!? Anyway, about 30 of my fellow out-of-shape employees have signed up for exercise classes with Rob and Steve (our personal trainers) who come to our work at 5:45 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and KICK OUR BUTTS!! We've had two classes so far and my muscles are crying out in agony!! These guys pull no punches and make us use muscles that have long ago dissolved into flab. We've been learning butt kicks, mountain climber, cherry picker, cat arch, superman, etc. I have been loving every minute of it!!

I've been on Weight Watchers for several years -- having met my goal weight several times during those years -- if ya know what I mean. I found these delicious treats from Weight Watchers that help keep me on the straight and narrow and actually make dieting not quite so hard.

These little beauties are great for breakfast. Only 4 points per sandwich and they actually taste almost like the ones from Mickey D's. The cheese even melts!!! I eat these a couple days a week with some fresh fruit and I am good to go until lunch.

The WW Key Lime Pies are a great touch of sweetness after a salad lunch. They are really smooth and creamy and have lotsa tang from the lime. I love 'em!

SO --- I have been working out everyday on my lunch hour in our workout facility and now working with a Rob and Steve two nights a week for an hour. I've dusted off my trusty bicycle so I can ride as soon as it decides to stop raining in Indy. Hopefully, I will begin to see some changes in my body SOON!! I will keep you posted.

Keep me in your prayers . . .