Thursday, September 4, 2008

Friday Nite at Nana's. . .

I kept two of my gorgeous grandchildren, Jackson and Mia, overnight last Friday night and into Saturday. Friday night, we went to McDonald's for dinner. Jackson loved his cheeseburger and fries.

No photo for Miss Mia. She was too into eating her fries!

When we got to my house, Mia headed straight for the penny bank. I have my Dad's Abraham Lincoln penny bank, and Mia loves to take the pennies out, transfer them to a bowl, and put them back into the bank, one at a time. She can spend all afternoon playing by herself with the pennies.

Jackson is quite the computer guru and loves to play "Burger Shop" whenever he comes over. "Burger Shop" is a game where you pretend you are the manager of several different types of restaurants (a diner, a cowboy watering hole, a surfer shop, etc.) and your job is to wait on customers and fill their orders before the time is up. Jacks is pretty good at this game! He loves the music and making the burgers.

We ended the evening eating nectarine slices and watching "Ratatouille" or "Rat-n-Tooey" as Mia calls it! I love having them sleep over and can't wait til Grant and Liam are old enough to spend the night at Nana's too!!

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