Friday, September 12, 2008

Stolen from my niece Karla's blog . . .

i am - writing this in my jamamas!
i think - Cheetos are little, orangie bits of heaven!!
i know - most people think I'm a little nutz.
i want - a new car (hang in their Red - not quite yet)
i have - too many plastic shopping bags under my kitchen sink.
i wish - it didn't snow in Indiana.
i hate - going to the dentist.
i miss - my good friend Connie (17 years November 4th).
i fear - retirement.
i feel - blessed!
i hear - voices in my head sometimes - I just don't always do what they tell me to.
i smell - No I Don't!
i crave - Mexican food, Chinese food, Cajun food, Italian food, State Fair food ;0)
i search - for my cell phone at least once a day (Wonder where it is now?!?!?)
i wonder - what babies are thinking about?
i regret - not moving to Indy sooner.
i ache - in strange places. I'm 54 years - give me a break!
i care - very deeply about my family and friends.
i always - wait too long to buy gas.
i am not - on time for anything, ever.
i believe - that my 4 grandkids are the most gorgeous grandkids on the face of this earth!!!
i dance - whenever 40% Steve has a gig!!
i sing - almost every waking moment of every day -- sometimes aloud, sometimes in my head.
i cry - very rarely.
i don't always - take a shower every day on the weekends . . . sorry!
i fight - going to Kohl's everytime they have "the biggest sale of the season".
i write - my name (on bathroom walls?) kidding!
i never - miss "Project Runway" or "Top Chef" unless it is an emergency.
i stole - post it notes from our office supply cabinet.
i listen - to Q95 all day long at work.
i need - a new fence.
i am happy - about my life. I'm having a BLAST!

Thanks Kar! This was fun! Anyone else?

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