Sunday, January 18, 2009

Makin' Cookies . . .

Mia and Jackson and I made chocolate chip cookies Saturday morning. After we mixed up the dough, the kids used the "windshield wipers" -- cookie scoops to you and me -- to put cookie dough balls on the sheet pans.

They each had their own cookie sheet. Mia made dainty little cookies.

Jackson didn't mess around. He liked to scoop out he-man size dough balls.
In 10 minutes, the big hand will be on the 6 and the little hand will be on the 10 -- right, Nana? Then we can eat them?

Coloring helped pass the time.

At last ---- the end results were yummy!

There's nothing like a warm, fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookie! Especially one you made yourself!!

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